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The Roberts

MODERN MEN is honored to announce a new commission, MOMENTum, to be presented this Fall at our next concert. Saturday, November 6, and Sunday, November 7, 2021, at the Jewish Community Center of Palm Springs.

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ROBERT SEELEY received his formal music training at California State University, Chico, graduating with distinction in 1978 with a degree in Music Theory/Composition, and was later awarded a teaching credential in 1979. After graduating, Mr. Seeley taught vocal and instrumental music for a number of years in the state school system.


Seeley has been a passionate musician since his youth, performing in various genres of instrumental and choral music groups. But no group had ever moved him as much as when he began singing with the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus in 1986, which inspired him to begin his writing in earnest. By 1993 he was awarded Composer-in-Residence for the chorus, and in 1996 he composed the highly acclaimed song cycle, NakedMan, which has remained his signature piece.


Collaboration with ROBERT ESPINDOLA (his partner and lyricist) began in 1997 when Mr. Espindola also joined the San Francisco-based chorus. Their first collaboration, In This Heart of Mine, was commissioned by the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus and had its world premiere at Carnegie Hall. Since then, “The Roberts” provided an extensive body of GALA-commissioned works that has been heard in major concert halls throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. Some of their works include Exile, Metamorphosis, To a Dancing Star, Over the Skies of Yisrael, Songs of My Family and BraveSouls and Dreamers, all of which have been professionally recorded.


Seeley has been a singing member of the Portland Gay Men’s Chorus, where he also served as their Composer-in-Residence. Having moved to Palm Springs in 2001, Seeley sang with Caballeros, served as Artistic Director for the Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus, and was the founding Artistic Director of Modern Men - Coachella Valley Men’s Chorus.



NakedMan (1995)

Only Human (1998)

Lay of the Land (1999)

Exile (2000)

To A Dancing Star (2001)

Metamorphosis (2003)

BraveSouls and Dreamers (2007)

Songs of My Family (2007)

The Promise (2008)

Living Out Loud (2010)


San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus

Women’s Chorus of Dallas

Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington D.C.
San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus

Turtle Creek Chorale

Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus

Portland Gay Men’s Chorus
Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington D.C.

Gay Men’s Chorus of Houston, Heartland Men’s Chorus, Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus

  Seattle Men’s Chorus

Ft. Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus

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