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Legacy League

Harmonizing Futures with Modern Men

We invite you to embark on a unique and timeless journey with the Legacy League, an extraordinary program dedicated to ensuring the enduring legacy of your passion for music. We present you an opportunity that transcends a lifetime, resonating beyond the here and now. Imagine leaving a lasting impact on the world of music through the power of your legacy.


At the heart of Legacy League lies a commitment to preserving the rich musical heritage fostered by the Modern Men, a men's chorus nestled in the vibrant Coachella Valley. Committed to musical excellence, inclusivity, and diversity, Modern Men is a beacon of artistic brilliance, creating harmonies that echo the human experience.


1. Eternal Harmony

- Your legacy lives on through the enduring power of music.

- Contribute to the sustenance of artistic expression for future generations.

2. Amplify Inclusivity

- Empower Modern Men to continue its commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

- Support an organization that enriches the cultural fabric of the Coachella Valley.

3. Tax Advantages

- Enjoy potential tax benefits through your charitable donation.

- Consult with your estate or trust attorney to explore the financial advantages of Legacy League.


1. Immortalized Legacy

- Forever be remembered for your commitment to the arts.

- Your name eternally linked to the transcendent melodies of Modern Men.

2. Personalized Recognition

- Receive exclusive recognition in Modern Men's performances and programs.

3. Philanthropic Satisfaction

- Experience the joy of giving, knowing your legacy supports the arts.

- Join a community of like-minded patrons dedicated to preserving cultural legacies.


1. Sustainable Artistry

- Ensure the chorus's ability to thrive and inspire through the years.

- Support ongoing programs, fostering talent and innovation within Modern Men.

2. Cultural Impact

- Contribute to the cultural vibrancy of the Coachella Valley.

- Expand the reach and impact of Modern Men's mission.

3. Enduring Gratitude

- Modern Men honors your legacy with performances dedicated to Legacy League contributors.

- Establish a legacy that resonates with the very essence of the chorus.

Join the Legacy League, where your passion for music and commitment to the arts live on, harmonizing futures with the resounding melodies of Modern Men. As you make plan or modify your existing plan, consider a gift to Modern Men. Your gift can take on many different forms, for example, monetary donation to real estate to stocks, just to name a few. Additionally, one may modify a death gift to Modern Men at any time as one’s circumstances change. Together, let us create a symphony of enduring impact that transcends time!

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