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Support Us

As you, our beloved audience, know, ticket sales provide only part of the income necessary

to run a thriving and productive organization. Several of you have asked “What can I do?”

Here are a few specific ways you might consider helping us defray some of the costs and

help us live up to our mission statement: "dedicated to musical excellence while creating

harmony through diversity”.


1. Underwriting the cost of a singing member’s dues. Our singers pay $60 per concert or $120 for the entire year. Some guys simply cannot afford this. Your gift would insure their participation.

2. Insuring our musical presentation are of the highest quality. The use of professional musicians to accompany our singers is often hindered by not being able to afford them. A typical musician such as a percussionist, oboist, synthesizer player, or any single performer costs $600 for one rehearsal and two performances.

3. Venue acquisition in the Coachella is a challenge for all of our valley’s performing groups. Often we need to schedule months in advance and place sizable deposits. A gift that guarantees a place at one of our performance venues would help will our cash-flow and allow for advanced planning and production values. Typically, venues are running between $4,000 and $10,000 with a 50% deposit required. Were your gift of any or all of this expense offered, we would be able to schedule venues far in advance.

4. Getting the word out about our exciting concerts is something that is directly ties to our budget. Promotional materials such as posters, flyers, business cards and postcards, are a $3,000 line-item in our budget. By helping us with this expense, we could expand our marketing to a broader audience and thereby generate funds to produce more and varied productions.

5. As we are the Coachella Valley Men’s Chorus, we take our mission statement seriously and want to bring our message of affirmation, inclusion, inspiration and support to the entire Coachella Valley. But “Run-Outs” (performances at venues other than our regularly schedule concert venues) are expensive and often times cost-prohibitive. A typical “Run-Out” to a convalescent facility, senior home, or rehabilitation center can cost upwards of $1,500 when you factor the cost of a piano, sound equipment and all the other components of a performance. Underwriting a “Run-out” could bring our message and our wonder singers to new and more diverse audiences.

6. We like to look nice for you. Our standard attire is a tuxedo. Tragically, we have had members unable to join our choir simply because they could not afford a tux. A full tux can cost up to $200. This gift would insure a singing member’s participation.

Modern Men is a 501(c)(3) organization as defined by the US Internal Revenue Code. We believe all donations are full tax deductible under applicable laws unless goods or services were provided in return for a donor's generous gifts. 

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